Nightmares In Team Comey’s Forecast After Devin Nunes Fires A WARNING SHOT

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Along time ago…way back in August of 2017. The Congressional committee known as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), subpoenaed the FBI and DOJ for un-redacted documents. And Devin Nunes is not letting them off the hook as the deadline looms!

The committee simply wanted to see the UN-REDACTED version of the original documents that led up to the appointment of a Special Counsel against President Trump. The un-cut versions of the communications regarding the FISA applications and the special counsel were never received.

Fast forward to today! Sara Carter makes a HUGE report!

Moments ago, Devin Nunes (CA-R) who is the committee chair sent a letter! He sent a letter to the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, Deputy AG and to the FBI, Director Christopher Wray.

Basically, Nunes told Rosenstein and Wray they best ante up the UN-REDACTED documents and STOP stonewalling! To view a copy of the scathing letter, click HERE.

Nunes, has given them the date to “produce to the Committee by Wednesday, April 11, 2018, an un-redacted version of the EC…including but no limited to the Carter Page FISA applications.” The EC, by the way, means “electronic communications”.

Nunes goes on to say that he will also seek legal remedies if they do not comply and fail to produce the document! Mark April 11th on your calendar! It’s fast approaching!

See tweet below:

If you think Nunes is doing everything he can to get to the TRUTH then drop him a line below!

In ending, it was our very own Sara Carter who broke the news and we would like to give her a hat tip!

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