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BOOM: Trump Admin. Puts Immigration Judges On Notice, Creates ‘Quota Requirements’

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President Donald Trump’s administration is putting immigration judges on notice by requiring them to adhere to case quotas.

For the first time ever, immigration judges will be forced to complete a number of cases each year to speed up the immigration process.

On Friday, the Department of Justice notified immigration judges across the country that it will begin analyzing their job performances based on how many cases they close annually, according to Fox News.

Judges will be required to complete 700 cases per year and comply with additional measures to ensure they are completing cases at a much quicker rate than they have been.

Here’s what James McHenry, the office’s director, wrote in the email, which outlined the new measure:

“Using metrics to evaluate performance is neither novel nor unique to the Executive Office for Immigration Review.”

“The purpose of implementing these metrics is to encourage efficient and effective case management while preserving immigration judge discretion and due process.”

The DOJ memo states the new quota requirements will go into effect on Oct. 1.

The Justice Department is implementing a new quota system for federal immigration judges under which they’ll be expected to clear 700 cases to receive a “satisfactory” job performance review

— Axios (@axios) April 2, 2018

The new procedures will not only speed up immigration cases in court, they will ramp up deportations and tackle the enormous backlog in immigration courts.

There are 350 immigration judges currently working for the DOJ, but the there are roughly 680,000 cases on the backlog.

The only way to make any meaningful strides toward addressing that issue is to speed up the process.

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