BOMBSHELL: Here’s Who Created Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe; Guess Who They’re Connected To…

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Who set-up and created the GoFundMe page for former Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe?

According to Law & Crime, a K-Street firm connected to former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are behind the account.

Not long after McCabe was fired last month from the FBI for lying to investigators four times about leaking information to the media, a previously unknown entity created a GoFundMe account in McCabe’s name.

The GoFundMe page was created on March 29, and is titled, “Friends of Andrew McCabe.”

After the account surpassed roughly $538,000 in less than a month, we finally know who set it up and has been running it: The Bromwich Group.

McCabe raking in all of that cash wasn’t random, it was a well-organized PR campaign created that is run by a well-connected group of professionals who previously worked in the Obama administration.

The firm was founded by Michael R. Bromwich, who created the group after serving as the first director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management under Obama. Prior to that, Bromwich was the Department of Justice’s inspector general under former President Bill Clinton.

Bromwich also employs a handful of officials who served in the Obama administration, including Melissa Schwartz. She is a member at Bromwich and appears to oversee McCabe’s account.

The support for Andrew #McCabe has been overwhelming, humbling & deeply appreciated. Unfortunately, the need for a legal defense fund is a growing reality. Please click here for info about the official Andrew McCabe Legal Defense Fund: … via @gofundme

— Melissa Schwartz (@MSchwartz3) March 29, 2018

Together, they are the perfect Obama all-star team.

Now that we know who is controlling the GoFundMe page, the main question remains unanswered. McCabe is worth $11 million and hasn’t been charged with any crimes, so why does he need a half a million dollars for a legal defense fund?

Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe after the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility revealed he lied at least four times when questioned by internal investigators about authorizing media leaks.

Engulfed numerous scandals and having told several lies, perhaps McCabe could see the writing on the wall and wanted to jump-start his legal defense before he could be charged.

Does McCabe believe he will be charged? Based on the massive legal defense fund created by his liberal buddies, he’s apparently very worried.

This guy is worth over 11mil why does he need a go fund me page

— @nodemsever.18 (@nodems16) April 6, 2018

Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!

— Mary Batson (@SonsMary) April 7, 2018

What do you think about Obama-Clinton allies rallying to McCabe’s defense? Comment below.

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