Trump Just Tricked Dems In Signing Spending Bill They Wanted – Missed What He REALLY Did!

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President Trump has now signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill despite an earlier Twitter threat to veto the legislation due to the lack of border wall funding and a fix for DACA. Trump signed this behemoth of a bill although he claimed he was reluctant to do so, adding that he was forced to do so in order to secure the increased funding for the military buildup which has been much needed since former President Barack Obama and a Republican Congress practically ignored for six years.

The President made clear this is not right and was a very bad deal for our country because of all the pet projects Democrats added as a condition to voting for this bill in the Senate. Trump stipulated that he signed it because it’s very important for us to build up our military in a world climate such as what we are living in.

The spending bill does allocate a total sum of $1.6 billion for border measures, much of which is for repairs to already existing fencing which is largely outdated and of questionable efficiency. It explicitly rules out any new prototypes of the kind President Trump viewed this month in Southern California.

This bill got money for the military while the Democrats got the funding for social services, funding for Planned Parenthood, and a free for all for Democrat legislators pet projects in order to secure their own reelection and pocketbooks.

President Trump was criticized as not having enough art in this deal, mocking the title of his previous book “The Art of the Deal.”

Trump’s previous Tweet mentioned a veto, but he later signed the Omnibus Spending Bill.

Trump mentioned the size of the bill, but later reminded people of increasing the strength of the military. He claimed that Democrats do not believe in building up the military, however, it’s important that America has the strongest and most advanced military in the world to protect our country for years to come.

The President also mentioned eliminating the filibuster rule, touched on DACA recipients being treated poorly by Democrats, and mentioned that Democrats did not want to include DACA in the Omnibus Spending Bill. The President stated that to remind people who the Democrats really fight for, and it didn’t seem like they were interested in standing up for the immigrants that they previously caused a major raucus about.

Breitbart reported this on Trump’s signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill: “DACA recipients have been treated extremely badly by Democrats,” he added. “We wanted to include DACA in this bill. The Democrats would not do it.”

Trump called on Congress to give him a line-item veto.

Trump then touched on border security as a matter of national defense, “By having a strong border system, including a wall, we are in a position militarily that is very advantageous.”

“This is a downpayment on a border wall system,” said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as she stepped up to the podium for a moment. She added that it also funds some other aspects of border security.

“We have many elements in the bill that we wanted,” said Trump. $654.6 billion in discretionary funding for defense. He said it also includes upgrades for nuclear equipment. “Praise be to God that we don’t ever have to use it.”

He pointed to money included to upgrade Navy ships that are in disrepair. $10.2 billion for F-35s and more for other specialized military aircraft. He said they are spending a lot of money on “very, very important” missile defense.

The president then added that the bill is funding ICE agents and funding to add more immigration judges.

“Nobody more disappointed than me because it’s so large,” Trump said of the funding. He said it had to be done because of military funding. He thanked members of Congress for “working so hard.” He added, “There are a lot of strings” pulling people in a lot of directions.

“I looked very seriously at the veto,” said Trump, but added that he decided to sign it because of military funding.”

President Trump threatened to veto the Omnibus Spending Bill, but then he remembered what was at stake. By signing this bill, he was able to provide the budget that will protect Americans with the marvelous military that we’ve grown to love and admire. Trump gave up the little things in the bill to support one of the most important aspects which were the United States military and the protection of all citizens.

Trump reluctantly signed the bill, but he knows what it means when our military is the best and continues to be the best. Trump sacrificed the little things in hopes to protect Americans with the best military we’ve ever seen.

This bill will have a lasting impression on the safety and well-being of all who live in America and that will last for years. The Democrats didn’t want it, but Trump did and so does everyone who appreciates all the military does for our country.

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