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REPORT: Clinton Reaped Benefits Of Shady Facebook Data Yet Nobody’s Outraged At Her Campaign

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Hillary Clinton had an app for the 2016 Presidential campaign. This app allowed them to pair their Facebook friends list to their phone’s contacts list, which undoubtedly helped Hillary in all the ways everyone is complaining Trump’s campaign

The difference? Nobody in the mainstream media outraged at Hillary’s campaign. In fact, when Obama’s campaign weaponized Facebook, those in the media applauded the brilliant use of technology.

However, something that should concern every American is social media isn’t acting as the social non-partisan it should be considering there’s now numerous people admitting Facebook was on Barack Obama’s side and that would make it very obvious they were on Hillary’s side as well.

Fox News reports:

In the midst of the election, the Clinton campaign launched a mobile application called “Hillary 2016” that worked its way around the banned practice of gathering information from users’ friends without their consent.

The Clinton campaign’s use of big data raises concerns amid controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data-driven company with ties to the Trump campaign that was accused of mining Facebook data and using it to target potential voters.

The social networking giant banned the practice of acquiring users’ friends lists in 2014 after former President Barack Obama’s campaign weaponized the method and got access to the data of millions of potential voters.

The interesting part is, Obama officials have admitted Facebook was “on their side.” But it’s only a big deal when Trump does anything! Fox continues:

But Clinton’s application took advantage of special iPhone and Facebook integration, asking every user to pair their friends list on Facebook with their phone contacts – and give the campaign permission to access that info.

People who didn’t download the application weren’t able to stop friends from pairing their phone numbers with Facebook accounts if their friends decided to do so.

Once the friends list was paired with the app, people had to swipe through their Facebook friends and dismiss those who, in their view, would never vote for Clinton. Once that was done, the remaining friends were sorted by location and the users could send a pre-written text message to convince them to back Clinton in numerous ways.

All of this comes amid a time of massive public scrutiny of Facebook’s new algorithm changes which are shutting down Conservative websites, opinions, and even the President’s Facebook page.

Twitter even got slammed with revelations they were “shadow banning” Conservative opinions in a massive sting by Project Veritas.

What did you expect from a social media giant with massive amounts of power and partisan employees?

Did you really expect them to be fair and balanced?

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