Obama Just Secretly Showed Up On Special Mission To Take Over As President – Stabs Trump In The Back

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While most of liberal America is starting to come to terms with President Trump being the President, at least one person is still unclear as to what that means for him. That person is former President Barack Obama. He seems to be at loose ends as to what to do with his time now that he’s not in the White House.

Giving $400k speeches was fun for a while, but there comes a time when a former President just needs to get out and see his old friends. That’s what Obama decided to do in a little trip down under. Our former Commander-in-Chief is finding it difficult to not keep influencing foreign policy.

While it’s understandable that a person who wants to make a change will keep that zeal, he shouldn’t keep the same methods that he kept while in office, but that’s just what he’s doing.

Obama took it upon himself to visit both New Zealand and Austria and their Prime Ministers in a trip to the southern part of the globe mear hours ago. Daily Mail reports that the form POTUS is traveling their countries, talking with not just the leaders but taking on multiple speaking engagements:

“Malcolm Turnbull said he is looking forward to the former US president Barack Obama visiting Australia and said the pair were ‘just going to have a catch up and have a chat’ during his visit.

The former US president is set to touch down in Australia on Friday for a private speaking engagement.

Mr. Obama has been in New Zealand visiting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and former leader John Key.

He is visiting the region as a guest of the New Zealand-United States Council, which is hosting a speaking event at the New South Wales gallery on the day of his arrival.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was due to ‘catch up and have a chat’ with the former president.

‘I look forward to catching up with President Obama when he’s visiting,’ Mr. Turnbull said.

‘Of course, he’d be a very welcome visitor, albeit briefly, to Australia.’

Shortly after arriving in New Zealand, Mr. Obama was seen enjoying a round of golf with Mr. Key.

The pair, who have played against each other several times before, were at the Kauri Cliffs golf course which is ranked 39th in the world.

It was John Key who had the ‘shot of the day’ but ‘play of the day’ went to Mr. Obama, for helping a rival player find his ball in the rough.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is expecting her first child in June, says she has received some parenting tips from Mr. Obama.

She asked Obama how he dealt with the guilt of being a parent and a world leader, and his advice was to ‘do the best you can’.
Actor Sam Neill hosted a private dinner on Thursday night with the former President.

Mr. Obama is on a week-long tour of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan, with Tokyo the next stop after Sydney.”

Despite the fact that the United States has firmly replaced for former President, he seems to take his status as former President as a mear formality. It’s possible that Obama is cashing in on the mistrust that many liberals have for our current President, and he’s filling a need as their formerly loved President. However, it leaves one with to question if that’s what is best for America.

It’s no great secret that Hillary supporters never really got behind President Trump. If a person tunes into any liberal talk show or listens to a speech by the former First Lady turned Presidential contender, you’ll no doubt hear excuses about the popular vote or Russian interference. They are holding onto this grudge and hatred like it’s their day job.

Hillary didn’t win and the more we learn about that election and the Justice Department under President Obama, we realize that the election might have been rigged, but President Trump won anyway.

But even if it weren’t, and even if every vote were legal and Clinton won the popular vote, but President Trump on the electoral college, that’s the law of the land, and liberals who want to cling to Obama are only feeding the dysfunction that keeps progress from being made.

Obama wanted change and America gave it to him. It might not have been the change he wanted, but hopefully, he will soon accept it and leave the politics to the politicians.

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