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BREAKING: DEADLY Terror Attack At US Air Force Base – Here’s Who’s Behind It!

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A massive explosion at a US Air Force Base has forced a lockdown order and the deadly fire was not a coincidence or accident. Authorities are still investigating at this time but already know who is behind the intentional blast that has left one dead.

Military bases have become frequent targets of attack over the last year, with many seeming attempts or strange circumstances thwarted. However, this time the plan was enacted and it’s not over yet. Police are calling the attack at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California an act of terrorism. Here’s what we know now from this ambush which employed a particularly concerning tactic.

CBS San Francisco reports:

A driver breached the main security gate at Travis Air Force base Wednesday evening and then crashed and died when his vehicle exploded into a massive fireball. Investigators are treating the incident as an act of terrorism.

Law enforcement sources said the vehicle carried propane tanks which the driver deliberately ignited after crashing through the security gate. The car drove off the road into a ditch and the driver died in the fire.

The driver has been identified by law enforcement but has not been named, according to CBS News reporter John Blackstone.

No shots were fired. The FBI is joining the Air Force in the investigation of the security breach.

In short snapchat video clips posted of the incident on the Air Force Forum Facebook, the SUV bust into flames as military police raced toward the vehicle.


Travis Air Force Base Gate VIdeo 6/9

Posted by Air Force amn/nco/snco on Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

Thankfully, all 7,000 military personnel on the base are safe following the deliberate attack and the only fatality is the person responsible, which is an interesting twist of karma. Travis AFB officials explain that the driver managed to gain “unauthorized access” to the front gate on Wednesday at approximately 7:00 p.m.

“The safety and welfare of our Airmen, their families and our local community is our top priority,” said Col. John Klein, 60th Air Mobility Wing commander. “I am extremely proud of how our first responders quickly addressed the situation to keep Travis and the surrounding area out of harm’s way.

We are fortunate to have enduring relationships with federal and local law enforcement, and will continue to work hand-in-hand with them through the investigation process.”

“The investigation is ongoing and there are no current known threats to the base or community,” the base said. ” The main gate has reopened and all other facilities are operating as normal.”

What’s of particular note is that this incident happened on Wednesday yet reports didn’t surface until Friday. Some outlets, specifically CNN who reported on the attack today explained the situation far different than others.

They didn’t mention that authorities are considering this an act of terrorism at this time and only referred to the assailant as “the driver” without implying any criminal activity despite the obvious details of what happened, which they also failed to mention, perhaps intentionally. Ignoring the reality of what this only breeds ignorance among people who have a false sense of safety.

Military bases across America have had a strange series of activities recently. We reported that these seemed like trial runs for something bigger or to test the strength of security and exploit loopholes. With this recent attack taking place today, it seems those concerns are starting to come to fruition.

Thankfully, we have a president who genuinely loves and respects our military and is constantly doing all he can to protect them and provide them with what they need. His reaction to this incident will be far different than his predecessor whose disdain for our heroes was evident in everything he did.

The world is a dangerous place as it is, but when you add in the constant threat of terrorist attacks to the mix it only gets worse. Our brave military men and women are thrust daily into the front lines to fight these evil terrorists in order to protect the country from ISIS. Even though many of these terrorists are killed overseas there are some that make their way into other parts of the world.

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