Bolton Cleaning House At National Security Counsel … Obama’s Minions Should “Start Packing Their Sh**”

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Kirsters Baish| It was reported that President Trump announced that he had picked former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton to take over for United States Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster in his role as head of the National Security Council and chief foreign policy adviser.

The left was obviously extremely unhappy about the decision as Bolton is a Conservative who plays some serious hardball. Rumors almost immediately began going around that Bolton is planning to “purge” the NSC as soon as he takes charge in April.

The rumors mostly came after an article was published in Foreign Policy. The article claimed that Bolton is planning on “cleaning house.” Staffers who are left from the Obama administration are most likely going to be fired.

Some believe that Bolton will be “targeting” anyone who had been “disloyal” to President Trump. He is also expected to get rid of anyone who is suspected to have or known to have made unauthorized leaks to the media. Some of these people were actually brought in during McMaster’s time, but are not considered part of Trump’s agenda.

One former White House official stated, “Bolton can and will clean house.” Another former official insisted, “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their sh**.”

Bolton will likely be bringing his own team in fairly quickly, but it may take some time due the the rate at which security clearances are being processed for all Trump administration staffers. This means that it might take some time to actually “purge” the NSC.

Foreign Policy explained that it really isn’t out of the normal if Bolton does decide to “clean house.” McMaster basically did just that when he took over for National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Conservative Tribune reported:

The outlet reported that Bolton — perhaps due to his recent years as a policy analyst on Fox News — was a “known quantity” by Trump, and pointed out that Bolton’s tough stance toward rivals like North Korea and Iran, as well as his dim view of multilateral diplomatic efforts by the United Nations and European Union, would seemingly place him in line with Trump’s “peace through strength” and “America First” doctrines.

But Bolton also holds a hard view towards Russia, and the Foreign Policy writers — perhaps still beholden to the liberal media-perpetuated view that Trump is soft on Russia — wondered if that supposed difference could create a conflict between the two men in the future.

You might remember that Bolton had met with Donald Trump during the end of 2016 when the White House was transitioning from former President Barack Obama to President Trump. He was not appointed to a position at the time. It was reported that Bolton met with Trump again during July of 2017.

He was then offered the deputy NSA position. He was promised that one day he would have the head spot, but he decided to turn it down and wait until the top spot was cleared and he could take it.

Some people believe that new information was leaked from McMaster’s NSC staff, more specifically related to President Trump’s congratulatory call to Vladimir Putin after he was re-elected.

Let’s hope Bolton really does “clean house” when he gets there.

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